Final Draft – Fountain Of Truth


I am very happy with my music video, especially after what has happened over the past two months, I have managed to be resilient and compromise extremely well. The editing I used nearer the end of the production turned out very well and suits the music video perfectly.


New effects and edits on my music video

Due to technical errors with my cut out in the middle of my music video, I have decided to change my music video in which was developed from advice I was given from a member of my focus group. I decided to split the interview into two parts which is defined in the music video. I have added a scratch/glitch type of edit and I slowed down the duration of my visuals and audio to make it all sound like a broken disc which resembles the ending of the first part to the song.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 15.46.51

The circle with the red is the scratch effect where the visuals and audio loops over like a record scratch. Before I did this, I had to do a lot of research online about how to do this effect on Premiere. I watched different tutorials which showed different things. I found a tutorial which showed me a way to do it more easy than the other tutorials.

Because of where I have split the interview, I have managed to create a two part story with the depiction of what he’s explaining with the musicĀ in the first part to explaining it in more depth with the rest of the interview in part 2 which then leads to how actions such as he explained can effect fans and inspired writers.